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Business Breakfast

February’s popular breakfast was a welcome return to the always excellent Weaving Shed. Our next breakfast location is to be confirmed. Please sign up to our email newsletter to be kept up top date.

Friday 21st April at 8am.

Bradford Talks

Bradford Talks is a new monthly event with local speakers who share original ideas and provoke new ways of thinking through stories.

Our March speaker will be Anna Sabine who will talk on "How IKIGAI saved my life.”

Bradford Talks is a free event but so we have an idea of numbers, please reserve your spot.

Arrive from 0700pm and the first thirty minutes or so will be a chance to get a drink and have some chats. The talk will start at 0730pm and finish no later than 0830pm. After the talk, feel free to stay as long as you want, or until the pub kicks you out.

We are looking for speakers. If you are interested you can find out more here.

What is BoA Business?

We are an open membership business community based in Bradford on Avon.

We welcome all businesses based in the town and the surrounding area to get involved.

To ‘join’, sign up to the email newsletter and you will be invited to events, asked for your views and invited to contribute in any way you would like.

Founded in 2015, BoA Business was transformed from a stagnating Chamber of Commerce with 32 paying members to an active business network of over 500 people.

We host informal networking events including the reliably popular monthly business breakfasts and Bradford Talks.

During lockdown, we developed the idea of a Shop Local card and worked with the Town Council to implement it. We ran pumpkin, elf and bike trails in the shops, pubs, hotels and businesses in town.

We organised three successful BoA Business Awards between 2016-18 in which hundreds of businesses entered and thousands of people voted.

We represented business views to local Town & Wiltshire Councillors and our MP.

Most importantly, we helped local business people talk, support and do business with each other.

We are currently assessing the future role of BoA Business. At present we have sufficient volunteers to organise the BoA Business breakfasts (thank you Victoria Woodman), Bradford Talks (thank you Jim Hughes and Andrew Eberlin) and manage this website (thank you Andrew Eberlin).

Beyond that is down to you.

For more information, please send us an email.

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